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    We live in a Victorian that sits in a historic district of town. It has a side yard that slopes down. That side of the house is overgrown with weeds and thorny bushes. We thought that a decorative rock stairway with raised flowerbeds would look perfect. We conveyed our vision to Josh and he caught it! It looks sharp and added the character to our side yard that it so desperately needed. He added some tiered flower beds and a slight meander to the stairs that was his own touch, but it was because he understood what we were looking for.
    Pros: Professional conduct. Top notch work. Competitive price (we received a lower bid, but we did not feel the lowest bidder knew what they were talking about). Listened to what we wanted, but added some of his touches. Goes beyond expectations. Cleaned and organized the site. Used some materials we already had, keeping the cost down.
    Cons: Sometimes hard to get a hold of.
    We would definitely hire Josh again!

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    Newer company to the construction world but do not let that fool you. Joshua has a great deal of experience and a rare eye for making things 'work' in your yard.
    He is the conscientious sort that is always thinking of how you want it done not what makes it easier on him.
    He really does do a great job at making you happy with what you ask him to do.
    If you need work done this is the guy that you want doing it.
    My wife and I had a project that had been earmarked for someone else but they ghosted (all too common in this world), but Josh stepped in with his crew and set it all right.
    Even did a much better job than the original would have.
    He shows up when he is supposed to, has a solid couple of guys that work for him and even the rain doesn't deter them from getting the job done and doing it well.
    Hire him. You won't regret it.

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